Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Normally Group discussions are used in the selection process for management trainees and executive positions. The objective of a group discussion is to mainly check your team playing skills because as a manager, you will be working in organisations with people. Employers are looking for candidates who have potential to be executives and to lead teams of people. We at Cambridge English Academy offer customized classes to cater individual’s needs. We have been successful in imparting knowledge through various campaigns. Our history could be traced with the testimony of our students.

The group discussion is a test of your interactive skills and how good you are at communicating with other people. You will have to be able to understand the other person’s point of view whilst making your point and ensure that your team as a whole reaches a win-win situation; in other words a solution agreement which is both feasible and accepted by all members of the team. A group discussion, to that extent, is a simulated managerial setting.

  • Groups of 8-10 candidates are formed into a leaderless group. And are given a specific situation to analyse and discuss within a given time limit, which may vary between twenty minutes and forty-five minutes.
  • You may be given a case study and asked to come out with a solution for a problem.
  • They may be given a topic and are asked to discuss the same.

Skills Assessed During a Group Discussion:

  • Leadership Skills: – Ability to take leadership roles and be able to lead, inspire and carry the team along to help them achieve the group’s objectives.
  • Communication Skills: – Candidates will be assessed in terms of clarity of thought, expression and aptness of language. One key aspect is listening. It indicates a willingness to accommodate others views.
  • Interpersonal Skills: – People skills are an important aspect of any job. They are reflected in the ability to interact with other members of the group in a brief situation. Emotional maturity and balance promotes good interpersonal relationships. The person has to be more people centric and less self-centred.
  • Persuasive Skills: – the ability to analyse and persuade others to see the problem from multiple perspectives.

Note: – Essentially, the group discussion is a test of your ability to think on your feet, your analytical prowess and your ability to make your point in a team-based environment.

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