Spoken English

Spoken English

Spoken English

At the Cambridge English Academy we focus on speaking English. Our aim is to help you speak English naturally. We will help you understand native-English speakers when they speak very quickly – as we often do – and to make yourself easily understood in English. All four skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking – are valuable skills to practice when you learn English but experience tells us that what you need to develop first are your speaking skills – just like you learned your own language.

We teach all our General English Classes (but no exam classes) by a method which focuses on Speaking English. In the class, the teacher, through speaking, will explain new vocabulary and grammar and then get you practice the new material by speaking yourself.

Get corrected as you speak

As you speak, the teacher will correct your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and syntax.

There is a little reading and writing in our English Classes but the main focus is on Listening to good quality English and Speaking yourself.

Important Information:

TUITION: 3 Month (2 Hour per session)
TIMETABLE: Monday to Friday: 07.00am – 09.00pm
DURATION: Depends on the students Level
AGE: Any Age Group
LEVELS: from A2 elementary to C2 proficiency


The General English course operates on continuous enrollment which allows for students to join our classes on any Monday. All students are assessed prior to starting their course and are placed according to their language ability.

We use the Common European Framework as a basis for our levels combined with levels outlined by Cambridge English Academy. For Example, A2 is divided into two levels, level 2/Elementary and level 3/ Pre Intermediate.

Once placed, our aim is to develop your language ability in order to advance to the next level (e.g. a strong B1 student may move to B2 level depending on their individual progress and ability).

There is no set length of time spent on one level, but we estimate that an average learner will take ten weeks to move from one to next. We assess you based on your own individual strengths and weaknesses, and we recognise that everybody develops at their own pace.

Registration, classes, level test, all course materials, certificates, programme of social and cultural activities, student card, access to all school facilities are all included in your course fees. Entrance fees and any transport for optional programme activities, although many activities are free.

Choose your Batch Timing

Classes 6 Days a week (Monday to Saturday

Special activities on Saturday & Assessment Level test, Remedial Classes

Classes By Foreigner Trainer

Morning Classes
7 am to 9 am
8 am to 10 am
9 am to 11 am
10 am to 12 noon
11 am to 1 pm

Evening Classes
2 pm to 4 pm
3 pm to 5 pm
4 pm to 6 pm
5 pm to 7 pm
6 pm to 8 pm

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